CPS Pulse™

    Strengthen engagement, participation, and instruction

    CPS Pulse student response system is designed to automatically integrate with Response and CPS assessment software. CPS student response systems are used by millions of students and teachers in more than 600,000 classrooms. Keep students engaged and involved in class with CPS Pulse. Facilitate greater student-teacher interaction in a fun, dynamic learning environment that encourages class discussion and participation. Students who normally remain silent in class now answer every question with confidence.

    ExamView® integrated

    The Response or CPS software behind CPS Pulse allows the student response system to automatically integrate with ExamView®. With CPS Pulseand ExamView®, educators can deliver more interactive lessons to promote greater student involvement, achievement, and progress without losing images or correct answers. Even launch the assessment software through the new ExamView® Assessment Suite v7.5.

    Student-centered instruction. Standards-based content.

    When you use eInstruction® student response systems with Mobi View™ and ExamView® teachers can streamline assessments with topic-based content and view student responses in real time on the Mobi View™ touch screen.

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