User-friendly assessment software

    Flow makes it easier for teachers and instructors to increase participation and drive greater student progress. With Flow, students at all academic levels will use their eInstruction® student response pads (clickers), smartphones, tablets, or laptops to become more engaged during class.

    Educators: Download our Flow desktop software

    Students: Download the vPad app for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops


    Receive instant feedback

    Whether you integrate Flow with your student information system (SIS) or learning management system (LMS) (Moodle — contact us for additional platforms), or use it as a stand-alone program, educators will engage students who are using their own response devices and gain a direct connection to the online gradebook.

    Interact with every student

    Educators will keep an entire class engaged when they ask true-false, multiple-choice, multiple-answer, short-text, or numeric-response questions, and ensure students are following the lesson and reading the material. Provides question compatibility in numerous formats, including PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word®, OpenOffice, Flash®, PDF, HTML, and SCORM®. Educators also use Flow’s Test Builder to edit and provide self-paced tests, which are created with time limits.

    Gain valuable feedback during instruction

    Flow provides assessment for the classroom allowing educators to conduct formative and summative assessment, receive instant access to data for immediate remediation, and gain valuable feedback in a centrally managed system. Now, educators will gauge comprehension while increasing interaction and interactivity in class, helping students progress during lessons.


    Better Together

    Flow works with eInstruction® clickers

    Students use eInstruction clickers in conjunction with Flow software to participate during lessons, to interact with educators, and to tell them they are in class.

    Or, students can download our vPad app

    When students download our vPad app, they use their iOS and AndroidTM devices, or laptop in conjunction with Flow, to enjoy the same functionality eInstruction clickers offer.

    Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Software Flow
    LMS Support Moodle v1.9, 2.0 - Contact us for additional platforms
    OS Compatibility Windows® 2003 to 2010, 32 and 64 bit


    Application vPad
    Download vPad Application
    • For iOS devices, a free download is available on the Apple® App Store&8480;
    • For Android devices, a free download is available at Google Play
    Support Operating Systems
    • iOS: Version 4.2 and higher
    • Android: Version 2.1 and higher
    • Windows/Mac®/Linux®: Java® 1.6 and higher
      (With 64 MB memory and 98 MB disk space)
    Maximum Number of vPad users 500
    License Mobile USB dongle for 20 or 40 connections
    30-day Trial Version Available for 40 vPad users at http://www.einstruction.eu/flowsoftware
    Technology Local network or internet
    Operating Distance Wi-Fi network
    Wi-Fi Requirements Local high-speed Wi-Fi for connection of vPad
    LAN UPnP protocol must be allowed

    Educators: Download our Flow desktop software

    Students: Download the vPad app for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops

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